Tuesday, 10 June 2014


a beauteous objects sight,
Remains all  the time infusing ones mind.....
for a man in a state of plight
would remember it
to make him kind
ever would remember it never would forget.....
its sight is engulfed in his eyes...
the love for it  accures by the time....
its all to define
if someone rusing it you'd fight...

this is you'd be.....
it sill lives infusing us
making the world futile....

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Monday, 24 March 2014


If I were a cloud,
To go beyond your scope of his scripted world,
Blindly I could the hoarse vibes ragging the earth
And like a 'Ragamuffin', its wild, it appears.........

Or would I generate those tiny herbs,
With their greenish hue which, before appeared, clayen cold, destructed dead.
One could see the bluish sky projected upon the land, when I over-poured 
I'd definitely be in destruction
And in he creation with a motive of conversion........

And would myself be created out from the Neptune's slave 
Framing the frame of mine
And then would shatter out an eruption from enceladus,
 Destroying mine own for your's formation of blood, breath and green soul 
And converting the barren landscape into what it should be

And with all power,
I'd appear to whole of globe,
unchained uncaptured
But would be slaved by winds
Or would be distorted by the sun.
To leave the desert as it is,
And fill the ocean, wondering
The Neptunes desire for more.
I won't be free to move even......
If I were a cloud I'd be a poet in this world.
Chained, Barred, Captured